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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforthrightforth‧right /ˈfɔːθraɪt $ ˈfɔːrθ-/ adjective  HONESTdirect and honest – used in order to show approval syn straightforward She answered in her usual forthright manner.
Examples from the Corpus
forthrightNevertheless, she is delightfully forthright, alert and amusing.On all but the most fundamental issues, the party line became much less forthright and clear-cut.His best approach was to be forthright and fast.She was by nature forthright and impatient.His is the forthright approach of the man who knows how to get things done.Bruck's forthright comments angered several people in the audience.She sat bolt upright; her features were strong, her manna forthright, even aggressive.I was especially impressed by the bright, forthright sound of the flautist.Hodge's merits were that he was honest, courageous, forthright, without arrogance or pretension.forthright mannerDon Peters had been pleasantly surprised to find the Prime Minister's forthright manner lived up to her advance publicity.He has the assertive, husky voice and the confident, forthright manner of an athlete.
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