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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforthwithforth‧with /fɔːθˈwɪð, -ˈwɪθ $ fɔːrθ-/ adverb formal  IMMEDIATELYimmediately He was fined £40, with 28 days’ imprisonment if the money was not produced forthwith.
Examples from the Corpus
forthwithSanctions will take effect forthwith.A new church was erected forthwith.Accordingly article 12 comes into operation and renders it mandatory for the court to order the return of the child forthwith.First of all he picked up my clubs, pronounced them useless and advised me to sell them forthwith.He was convicted and fined £40 plus £65 costs, with 28 days imprisonment if the money was not produced forthwith.The law officers should put a stop to the practice forthwith.The last remnant of Birmingham Heath was enclosed in 1799, and was built over forthwith with eight new streets.
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