Date: 1400-1500
Language: French
Origin: fortifier, from Latin fortis 'strong'


Related topics: Food, Building
for‧ti‧fy past tense and past participle fortified, present participle fortifying, third person singular fortifies [transitive]
1TB to build towers, walls etc around an area or city in order to defend it:
The town was heavily fortified.
2 to encourage an attitude or feeling and make it stronger [= strengthen]:
Her position was fortified by election successes and economic recovery.
3 written to make someone feel physically or mentally stronger
fortify yourself (with something)
We fortified ourselves with a breakfast of bacon and eggs.
4 [usually passive]DF to make food or drinks more healthy by adding vitamins to them:
fortified breakfast cereals
fortify something with something
foods fortified with vitamin B

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