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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfortitudefor‧ti‧tude /ˈfɔːtɪtjuːd $ ˈfɔːrtɪtuːd/ noun [uncountable] formal  BRAVEcourage shown when you are in great pain or experiencing a lot of trouble syn strength Winnie is a woman of quiet fortitude who has endured a lot of suffering.
Examples from the Corpus
fortitudeMany voters are dissatisfied with the manner in which events tax the strength and fortitude of the nation.For the second, there was a sense of desperate fortitude and a desire to conquer obstacles not yet quite in sight.He showed great fortitude and tenacity in carrying on his professional work in spite of adversity resulting from enemy action.It was my unhappy duty to break the news of her son's death, which she bore with great fortitude.And by courage, I mean more than single, isolated acts of bravery or fortitude.Janet met each challenge with fortitude and a wry good humor.
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