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fortressfor‧tress /ˈfɔːtrɪs $ ˈfɔːr-/ ●○○ noun [countable]  PMTBBa large strong building used for defending an important place
Examples from the Corpus
fortressIts origins are lost in antiquity but the Rock has probably ben used as a fortress from the Iron Age.Without relationships, a man could be a fortress within himself, dedicated to a career and a dream.Yet another fortress stands on a promontory only half a mile away.The last hundred feet of elevation form a near-vertical cliff, effectively turning the mesa into an imposing dark fortress.Their mountainous homeland with its fortress valleys was a near impregnable base from which to sally forth.Some of the more interesting pubs are along the Grassmarket, just below the fortress.Now she saw a different, more pleasing aspect of the fortress.Only thirty succeeded in arriving at the gates of the fortress of the legendary Simorgh.
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