for‧tu‧nate S3
1 someone who is fortunate has something good happen to them, or is in a good situation [= lucky]
fortunate to do something
I've been fortunate to find a career that I love.
I was fortunate enough to obtain a research studentship at Stanford.
fortunate in doing something
She felt fortunate in being able to please herself where she lived.
fortunate that
I'm fortunate that I have such an understanding wife.
more/less fortunate than somebody
We've been more fortunate than a lot of farmers.
2 a fortunate event is one in which something good happens by chance, especially when this saves you from trouble or danger [= lucky]:
By a fortunate coincidence, a passer-by heard her cries for help.

the less fortunate

people who are poor:
We should all consider the plight of the less fortunate.

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