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Fortune 500, the

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishFortune 500, thethe Fortune 500Fortune 500, the /ˌfɔːtʃən faɪv ˈhʌndrəd $ ˌfɔːr-/  the 500 largest companies in the US, which are named in a yearly list in Fortune magazine She's a vice-president of a Fortune 500 company.From Longman Business DictionaryFortune 500Fortune 500 /ˌfɔːtʃən faɪv ˈhʌndrədˌfɔːr-/ noun [uncountable] trademarkFINANCE the 500 largest companies in the US, listed each year in the magazine ‘FortuneThe survey will show how many Fortune 500 companies are run by women.
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