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fortune-tellerˈfortune-ˌteller noun [countable]  ROsomeone who uses cards or looks at people’s hands in order to tell them what is supposed to happen to them in the futurefortune telling noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
fortune-tellerI knew that as a fortune-teller and spirit medium, she was paid to console or cajole the dead.Mrs Bay and the fortune-teller laughed and rolled their eyes with unfastened abandon.The gypsies themselves were more colorful than the trees in autumn, but the fortune-teller was different.What if the fortune-teller was destroying her hope and joy with that strange, harsh voice.I thought of all the times the fortune-teller who had come to North Crittendon had told me the same thing.The fortune-teller will probably agree with the problems, and then tell you how irrelevant they are.The fortune-teller would hardly relay bad tidings, for who would be generous, learning of coming sorrows?
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