Language: Old English
Origin: foreweard, from fore- + -ward


2 adjective
forward2 S2 W3
1 [only before noun] closer to a person, place, or position that is in front of you [≠ backward]:
Army roadblocks prevented any further forward movement.
Always enter or leave a helicopter from a forward direction.

forward planning/thinking

plans, ideas etc that are helpful in a way that prepares you for the future:
With a bit of forward planning we make sure your budget goes as far as possible.

no further forward

not having made much progress, especially compared to what was expected:
We are no further forward in solving the crime.
4 [only before noun] at or near the front of a ship, vehicle, building etc [≠ rear]:
We sat in one of the forward sections of the train.
5 formal too confident and friendly in dealing with people you do not know very well:
My father thinks she's far too forward for a young girl.

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