Language: Old English
Origin: ful


1 adjective
Related topics: Odours, Tastes, Nature


COCT a foul smell or taste is very unpleasant [= disgusting]:
He woke up with a foul taste in his mouth.
a pile of foul-smelling garbage
He put down his mug of foul-tasting coffee.

in a foul mood/temper

British English in a very bad temper and likely to get angry:
The argument with his mother left Putt in a foul mood.


very dirty:
Refugees in the camps are short of food and at risk from foul water.
extractor fans to remove foul air from the tunnel

foul language

rude and offensive words:
She claimed she had been subjected to abuse and foul language.


especially British EnglishDN foul weather is stormy and windy, with a lot of rain or snow:
Always carry foul weather gear when you go out walking.
foully adverb
foulness noun [uncountable]

➔ by fair means or foul

at fair1 (11)

; ➔ fall foul of somebody/something

at fall1 (15)
WORD FOCUS: horrible WORD FOCUS: horrible
taste or smell: nasty, not very nice, revolting, disgusting, foul, unpleasant, gross informal

experience, situation, or feeling: nasty, not very nice, terrible, unpleasant

person: nasty, not very nice, obnoxious, mean American English, unpleasant, objectionable

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