foun‧da‧tion W2


[countable]TBC the solid layer of cement, bricks, stones etc that is put under a building to support it:
It took the builders three weeks to lay the foundations.
The earthquake shook the foundations of the house.

basic idea

[countable] a basic idea, principle, situation etc that something develops from
foundation of
All theories should be built on a foundation of factual knowledge.
solid/firm foundation
The course gives students a solid foundation in the basics of computing.


[countable]SSO an organization that gives or collects money to be used for special purposes, especially for charity or for medical research:
the British Heart Foundation


[uncountable] the establishment of an organization, business, school etc [= founding]:
The school has served the community since its foundation in 1835.

be without foundation

also have no foundation formal if a statement, idea etc is without foundation, there is no proof that it is true [= be groundless]:
Davis dismissed the allegations as being without foundation.

lay/provide the foundation(s) for something

to provide the conditions that will make it possible for something to be successful:
Careful planning laid the foundations for the nation's economic miracle.


[uncountable]DCB a cream in the same colour as your skin that you put on before the rest of your make-up

shake/rock the foundations of something

also shake/rock something to its foundations to completely change the way something is done or the way people think by having a completely new idea:
Darwin's theory rocked the scientific establishment to its foundations.

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