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foundryfoun‧dry /ˈfaʊndri/ noun (plural foundries) [countable]  TIa place where metals are melted and poured into moulds (=hollow shapes) to make parts for machines, tools etc an iron foundry
Examples from the Corpus
foundryThe pieces are cast in bronze, aluminum or iron at a foundry in Alabama.The molder, a foundry worker, made the mold that made the casting.His whimsical creations incorporate the antique wood letters and foundry type from a Montana newspaper he published in the 1960s.The bell foundry is not open to the public.Around 1876 Constance demolished the majority of the old foundry buildings, and built the present Camp Mill.Features clearly cast in Harvey's foundry include the iron balustrade over the porch and the balusters of the main staircase.Hundreds of state-owned companies, from the telephone monopoly to steel foundries, have been sold in the past decade.Vitesse Semiconductor Corp is the foundry.iron foundryAlong the length of the railway line were timber yards, rope works, maltings and an iron foundry.Livings was their architect for the iron foundry at Stockton, which John now had ideas of enlarging.They also make more noise than two iron foundries having a fight.
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