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fountainfoun‧tain /ˈfaʊntɪn $ ˈfaʊntn/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 DTBa structure from which water is pushed up into the air, used for example as decoration in a garden or park2 LIQUIDa flow of liquid, or of something bright and colourful that goes straight up into the airfountain of A fountain of blood was pouring from his chest. A fountain of sparks shot high into the sky.3 fountain of something drinking fountain, soda fountain
Examples from the Corpus
fountainWe sat in the chairs that are set out in summer around a fountain.Part of its appeal stemmed from the Tom Bass fountain inset into its wall, a long thin crack in the stone.He relished the coolness, the raised beds of flowers and herbs, and the elaborately carved fountains splashing in the centre.If a more decorative fountain is required, an ornamental fountain, such as this dolphin one, can be installed.The Piazza is named after the Piermarini fountain that stands at its centre.A bronze plaque on the fountain read: Given in loving memory of Rachel Livingstone Baxtei; 1889-1942.Simon stood to the side, hand still on the water fountain, watching Harriet and Tony Angotti.fountain ofA dazzling fountain of lava burst from the volcano.