Language: Old English
Origin: feower


number, noun
Related topics: Numbers
1HMN the number 4:
She is married with four children.
They arrived just after four (=four o'clock).
Luke will soon be four (=four years old).

on all fours

supporting your body with your hands and knees:
He was down on all fours playing with the puppy.

in fours

in groups of four people or things:
The boxes were stacked in fours.
4 [countable] a hit in cricket that scores four runs because it goes over the edge of the playing area
5 [countable] a team of four people who row a racing boat, or the boat that they row

the four corners of the Earth/world

literary places or countries that are very far away from each other:
People from the four corners of the world have come to Ontario to make it their home.

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