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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfour-squareˈfour-square1, foursquare /ˈfɔːskweə $ ˈfɔːrskwer/ adjective  1 TBa building that is four-square is strongly built and square in shape2 HONEST British English old use firm and determined
Examples from the Corpus
four-squareAnother La Plata station, quite different, four-square and concrete, belonged to the provincial government's metre-gauge railway.The shamrock might better be seen as a four-square field, with customers being, as he suggested, the fourth element.The Deccan developed a distinctively four-square stone-built style.
four-squarefour-square2, foursquare adverb  1 if you stand four-square behind someone, you support them completely He stood four-square behind the prime minister in the dispute.2 MOVE something OR somebodyfirmly and solidly The hut stood four-square in a corner of the garden.
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