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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfour-starˈfour-star1 adjective [only before noun]  a four-star hotel, restaurant etc is of a very high standard
Examples from the Corpus
four-starWhen the four-star chef came to visit, he brought lunch.It is splitting the flagship, four-star Forum Hotel from the chain and offering the two for sale separately.Oeno would have a four-star hotel with 30 beds.It is now a four-star hotel with a dozen youngsters in the galley and experienced actors on the bridge.A four-star hotel with its own championship golf course set in a hidden world of parkland, forest and lakes.The four-star officer believed his renewed efforts on character development were working well, according to Navy sources.Kimmel held four-star rank and Short wore three stars on the day of the attack.
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four-starˈfour-star2 noun [uncountable] British English  TTCa type of petrol with lead in it
Examples from the Corpus
four-starThe top price for leaded four-star will be 179.6p.In 1983 a gallon of four-star cost around £1.80.
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