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foxholefox‧hole /ˈfɒkshəʊl $ ˈfɑːkshoʊl/ noun [countable]  1 PMa hole in the ground that soldiers use to fire from or hide from the enemy2 HBAa hole in the ground where a fox lives
Examples from the Corpus
foxholeAt night, we would go on ambush patrol or sit in a foxhole or listening post.Instead of spending money in town, soldiers now dig foxholes along lakes in parks and shoo away camera-toting visitors.Minutes after her announcement, digging foxholes be-came a popular pastime.For Sorcerer, who sat listening at his foxhole, the war had become a state of mind.One incident that has always stuck in my mind was when I dove for my foxhole at the opening mortar round.On returning to my foxhole, I found it occupied by the 3d Platoon of B Com-pany.Boulders bounced round Defries's foxhole.By the time daylight got there, Gary and I were up to our arms in water in the foxhole.
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