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foyerfoy‧er /ˈfɔɪeɪ $ ˈfɔɪər/ noun [countable]  1 TBBa room or hall at the entrance to a public building syn lobbyhotel/theatre/cinema etc foyer2 American EnglishDHH a small room or hall at the entrance to a house or apartment
Examples from the Corpus
foyerWe were standing in a foyer outside the faculty lounge.Today the art teacher, Charlotte Bond, and several students are working on the mural in the entrance foyer.About 200 tourists were gathered in the main foyer of the White House.Their pattern was inspired by a fresco of an ibis in the foyer at Shepherd's Hotel.Finally he got up from his desk and walked out into the foyer of the massage parlour.He turned smartly on his heel and trotted into the foyer, greeting the stewards with indiscriminate effusion.A cleaning woman was laboriously washing the marble floor of the foyer.When again I passed through the foyer that day, the perambulator was gone, of course.I passed quickly through the foyer, angled left through the large cathedral-ceilinged living room, entered the dining room.hotel/theatre/cinema etc foyerOf course he wouldn't kiss her here in a crowded hotel foyer.Outside London, you can find yourself performing in student unions, arts centres, pubs, theatre foyers or art galleries.Al Jourgensen is seen wandering around the hotel foyer hugging a wooden duck, used to frighten off local wildlife.Stephen and Lily sank into deep leather armchairs in the hotel foyer and Stephen ordered tea, sandwiches and cakes.The clock in the hotel foyer showed the time as nine-fifteen as she pushed through the doors and walked through the patio.The illuminated Moorish fountain in the cinema foyer contained goldfish.
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