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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfracturedfrac‧tured /ˈfræktʃəd $ -ərd/ adjective  broken or crackedfractured skull/jaw/rib etc She suffered a fractured skull in the accident.
Examples from the Corpus
fracturedScores of firemen spent four hours after the explosion trying to repair a fractured gas pipe in the middle of High Street.The graceful flourish of his handwriting contrasted oddly with the fractured grammar and exotic spelling of his prose.He was managed conservatively, the fractured pelvis being treated by rest in bed.She couldn't help thinking about the Porsche and Nigel's fractured pelvis.I wanted to lay on him the burden of our fractured present.The X-ray revealed that she had several fractured ribs.It's only a broken collar-bone and two fractured ribs.He said the cause of death was brain damage due to a fractured skull.fractured skull/jaw/rib etcHe said the cause of death was brain damage due to a fractured skull.It's only a broken collar-bone and two fractured ribs.Mr Healy died later in a Dublin hospital from bleed of the brain and a fractured skull.Pathologist Mustansir Nurbhai said Mr Thompson died of extensive cerebral haemorrhage due to a fractured skull.He had received a fractured skull and concussion and was for many days in a coma.I suspect she has a fractured skull and her cheekbone is also broken.The woman, whose name is not being released, is recovering from a fractured skull at a local hospital.Those struck down fell sprawling, unconscious or writhing with fractured skulls or broken shoulders...
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