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fragrancefra‧grance /ˈfreɪɡrəns/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]CO a pleasant smell syn scentfragrance of the rich fragrance of a garden flowersee thesaurus at smell2 [countable]DCB a liquid that you put on your body to make it smell pleasant syn perfume, scent
Examples from the Corpus
fragranceThe acid fragrance upsets their delicate nasal passages and they avoid anything smeared in it for long periods of time.Synthetic products and various intermediates are also available for the flavour and fragrance market.Leaves have a citrus fragrance and glycerine beautifully, turning the colour of chamois leather.Would you like to try White Diamonds, the new fragrance from Elizabeth Taylor?The Oxford was wearing its signature fragrance of floor wax, lemon oil, old wood, and worn leather.When the winter wind whistled through the bare branches, the fragrance of this spicy cake was comforting.Mock orange and lilacs bloomed close to the house, I remember the fragrance.The fragrance became even sweeter, pervading the church and immediate neighborhood.Corbett could smell the heavy, thick fragrance of those mouth-watering dishes he had seen being prepared in the kitchen.
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