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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrailtyfrail‧ty /ˈfreɪlti/ noun (plural frailties)  1 [uncountable]WEAK the lack of strength or health syn weaknessfrailty of the frailty of her thin body2 [countable, uncountable]BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONS something bad or weak in your character syn weakness human frailties
Examples from the Corpus
frailtyThose glimpses express our hopes and dreams, our failures and frailty.Despite his frailty, however, he prevailed on them to let him journey to Fort Kaskaskia in southern Illinois.Most important is the factor of human frailty.Each of these domestic vulnerabilities translates into a fragile, retrospective foreign policy that, in turn, fuels local frailties.Nevertheless, even allowing for all the frailties of palaeontologists, there still remains a remarkable picture of palaeontological persistence.Mr. Zimmer is still alert, despite his age and the frailty of his body.It is harder to defeat the chronic low productivity of the state farms, and the frailties of the distribution chain.The recent riots are evidence of the frailty of the peace agreement.Her humor always made us, in some sense, realize the frailty of our human life.Since comedy ridicules the frailties of man, it professes a moral aim.human frailtiesI've had to come to terms with my deepest human frailties.At the same time allow for human frailties.Faith in the mouse as model for human frailties is extraordinarily strong among scientists.The more people see them the more they see the human frailties.
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