Language: Old English
Origin: framian 'to be helpful to, make progress'


2 verb
Related topics: Painting and Drawing, Crime
frame2 [transitive]
1AVD to surround something with something else so that it looks attractive or can be seen clearly:
Sarah's face was framed by her long dark hair.
She stood there, framed against the doorway.
2AVP to put a picture in a structure that will hold it firmly:
I'm going to get the picture framed.
3SCC to deliberately make someone seem guilty of a crime when they are not guilty, by lying to the police or in a court of law [= set up]:
Needham's lawyers claimed that he had been framed by the police.
frame somebody for something
The two men were framed for murder.
4 formal to carefully plan the way you are going to ask a question, make a statement etc:
She wondered how she was going frame the question.
5 formal to organize and develop a plan, system etc:
Newman played a central role in framing the new law.

gilt-framed/wood-framed etc

DT having a frame or frames of a particular colour or material:
wire-framed spectacles

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