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francfranc /fræŋk/ noun [countable]  PECthe standard unit of money in various countries, and used in France and Belgium before the euro
Examples from the Corpus
francWe were paid 120 francs and interviewed again.For example, 170.25 francs divided by 11.35 gives the sterling equivalent.The budget for equipment and investments, wholly financed by external funds, would be balanced at 10,000 million Comoros francs.They collected their pay in five franc notes in the evening and looked for ways of spending it.The Visby limitations of 10,000 Poincaré francs per package or 30 Poincaré francs per kilogram were raised by 25%.The big danger would be a drop in the value of the franc.But a spiraling deficit and weakened franc forced him to adopt austerity policies in 1983.
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