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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfranklyfrank‧ly /ˈfræŋkli/ ●●○ S3 adverb  1 HONESTused to show that you are saying what you really think about something Frankly, I think the Internet is overrated. His behaviour was frankly disgraceful.2 HONESThonestly and directly She answered all our questions frankly. Nicholas frankly admitted that the report was a pack of lies.
Examples from the Corpus
franklyI don't think he's equipped for the modern age, quite frankly.I was frankly astonished when this gentleman was ennobled.One method, frankly, being barely indistinguishable from the other.On the ramp he cut a frankly glamorous figure, where he moved like a series of elegant decisions.The people, the routine, the boredom: frankly, he had been to hell and back.Quite frankly, I'm very troubled by what you've told me.We are not interested, frankly, in doing anything that would exacerbate the tensions.Quite frankly it makes me angry to realise how the politicians, and fuzzy-thinking educationalists have cocked up my child's schooling.It was another dose of statistics, and it was frankly mind-boggling.Stan admitted frankly that he needs help to fight his drug problem.frankly admittedNicholas frankly admitted that for the most part the reports were a pack of lies.They were watching the Masters because, as they frankly admitted, they wanted to meet some surfer boys.
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