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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfranticfran‧tic /ˈfræntɪk/ ●○○ adjective  1 WORRIEDextremely worried and frightened about a situation, so that you cannot control your feelingsget/become frantic There was still no news of Jill, and her parents were getting frantic.frantic with Your mother’s been frantic with worry wondering where you’ve been.2 HURRYextremely hurried and using a lot of energy, but not very organized syn hectic I spent three frantic days trying to get everything ready.frantic effort/attempt Despite our frantic efforts, we were unable to save the boy’s life.frantic pace/rush/haste etc There was a frantic rush to escape from the building. a day of frantic activity a frantic search for her fatherfrantically /-kli/ adverb He frantically searched for the key.
Examples from the Corpus
franticThere is still no news of the missing child and her parents are getting frantic.I would have called, but the last few weeks have been frantic.The knocking on the door and shouts became frantic.The dog's barking grew frantic as I approached.I spent three frantic days getting everything ready for Christmas.The staff spent three frantic days trying to get everything ready.Throughout the night, everyone mopped floors and washed wall in a frantic effort to clean the place up for the inspectors.Hannah was a little less apt to become frantic in busy places, such as shopping malls and grocery stores.There are vague, frantic movements inside the car, which is sinking faster now.A frantic note had crept into Jane's voice.Inspector Grimes was used to dealing with frantic parents.Before the game there was a frantic rush to get the last few remaining tickets.A stupendous cinema epic, reduced to a sort of frantic scurrying in a goldfish bowl, might merely seem ridiculous.Some time ago I received a frantic telephone call from Carol, who had undergone successful hypnotic treatment about two years earlier.It has to be here already, thought Fenella, trying to quiet the frantic thudding of her heart.People were frantic, trying to call relatives after the earthquake.Her eyes were frantic with fear, and she couldn't keep still.get/become franticHannah was a little less apt to become frantic in busy places, such as shopping malls and grocery stores.Sometimes he just wanders off for days on end - we get frantic, not knowing where he is.David Harper said he became frantic when the hay bales in the barn caught light.frantic effort/attemptBut despite his frantic efforts he was unable to pull her free.Ignoring her frantic efforts to break free, he'd tossed his charge card down on to the counter.We felt like gods as we surveyed the distraught insects' frantic efforts to remove precious eggs from sight.Staff made frantic attempts to revive him but he is thought to have suffered a massive heart attack.Despite Zborowski's frantic efforts to sell his work, Modigliani's living was still very precarious.This afternoon frantic efforts were being made to sort out the confusion.His body had now completely relaxed after his frantic efforts with Molly a few minutes before.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfranticfran‧tic /ˈfræntɪk/ adjectiveFINANCE if there is frantic trading on the stock market, people buy and sell a lot of currency, shares, COMMODITIES, etc in an urgent and unorganized wayThe Bundesbank’s assistance was crucial in a day offrantic trading on the currency markets.New York Stock Exchange trading was active but less frantic than on Monday.
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