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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfraughtfraught /frɔːt $ frɒːt/ adjective  1 fraught with problems/difficulties/danger etc2 WORRIEDfull of anxiety or worry syn tense a fraught atmosphere a fraught situation Julie sounded rather fraught.
Examples from the Corpus
fraughtAnd the idea of establishing another racial group in this racially fraught country is extreme.Attractive as that proposition has seemed in recent years, the form in which it has been pursued is fraught with difficulties.Then I reminded myself that it is fraught with disappointments.And her reaction to her illness was, as best I can glean, fraught with fear, discouragement, and depression.But it is said, too, that her passion brings her only a burden of pain, fraught with many sighs.Alas! the centuries are fraught with pain, and man is burdened by fear and woe.fraught situationLowell's humour - unexpected - that could take the heat out of a fraught situation.Sarah, who lived near to the Brompton Hospital, visited her father regularly although Raine's hostility complicated an already fraught situation.The police in Ajdabiya were mostly Magharba and Zuwaya, and senior officers took care in selecting men to police fraught situations.To learn how to cope in such fraught situations and to survive can be a broadening experience.
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