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fraught with problems/difficulties/danger etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfraught with problems/difficulties/danger etcfraught with problems/difficulties/danger etcfull of problems etc Their marriage has been fraught with difficulties. fraught
Examples from the Corpus
fraught with problems/difficulties/danger etcAttractive as that proposition has seemed in recent years, the form in which it has been pursued is fraught with difficulties.For this whole business of killing, whether killing beasts or killing men, is supposed to be fraught with danger.She had had a husband and lovers older than herself, and each affair had been fraught with problems.There are a number of tortured perspectives on how to get round this problem, but they are themselves fraught with problems.Thompson and Geir can agree, but their own deliverance was fraught with danger.However, it is a move fraught with problems as our writers explain How long can it be taken as read?He realized that what he was about to attempt was fraught with dangers, for Bernice and for himself.
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