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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrecklefreck‧le /ˈfrekəl/ noun [countable usually plural]  MARKfreckles are small brown spots on someone’s skin, especially on their face, which the sun can cause to increase in number and become darkermole
Examples from the Corpus
freckleI looked over to the corner where a pretty girl with long brown hair and freckles was sitting.She had the same red hair and freckles as her mother.It was widely believed to cause cancer, insanity and freckles.She used to give you silverweed for freckles and camomile for belly-ache.Sarah had freckles and red hair.She had freckles, level gray eyes, a round nose, and straight dark blond hair parted in the middle.Her face was small, white and thin, with a lot of freckles, and she had large grey-green eyes.Did you spot that tiny patch of freckles on her left cheek?He was extremely attractive, with thick hair and clear eyes and a scattering of freckles.He had been staring up at the deep purple blanket with tiny freckles of stars and wisps of cloud hovering.
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