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free market

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free marketˌfree ˈmarket noun [countable]  BBTan economic system in which prices are not controlled by the government a free market economy
Examples from the Corpus
free marketa free-market economyFurthermore, former Communist bureaucrats, transformed into free market operators, are in many cases already running the new privatized enterprises.There has been no free market in residential property since the early years of this century.People are also seeing the effects of eleven years of Mrs. Thatcher's free market experiment.Certainly, the free market is not free of problems.The party converted to the free market with a zeal that out-Thatchered Thatcher and out-Reaganed Reagan.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfree marketˌfree ˈmarket [singular]ECONOMICS a system of buying and selling that is not under the control of the government, and where people can buy and sell freely, or an economy where free markets exist, and most companies and property are not owned by the stateThe tasks included creating free markets for labor and goods, and transferring ownership of thousands of companies from the state to the private sector. market
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