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freedom of information

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfreedom of informationfreedom of informationAVAILABLEthe legal right of people in some countries to see information which the government has about people and organizations freedom
Examples from the Corpus
freedom of informationFreedom of information should be a basic right in a democracy.Britain is one of the few democracies that still doesn't have a freedom of information act.Does not that hostility to the charter give the lie to the Opposition parties' request for freedom of information?The steering committee did however recommend the appointment of a Prime Minister, and provision for greater freedom of information.This would involve freedom of information and relocation of civil services to regions along with widespread decentralisation.He opposed the Government over the Official Secrets Act in 1989 and has consistently backed the cause of freedom of information.Yet Butler is no fan of freedom of information.A lack of labelling contradicts the principles of freedom of information and freedom to choose.She has been involved with promoting freedom of information in local government.
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