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freelancefree‧lance /ˈfriːlɑːns $ -læns/ ●○○ adjective, adverb  BECworking independently for different companies rather than being employed by one particular company She works freelance from home.freelance journalist/writer/photographer etcfreelance verb [intransitive] He’s freelancing for several translation agencies.freelance (also freelancer) noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
freelancea freelance journalistJamie's trying to earn a living as a freelance photographer.Steve plans to start working freelance this year.Karen stayed at home while the children were small, and made a little money from freelance writing.freelance journalist/writer/photographer etcEluned Price is a freelance journalist based in Oxford and specialising in houses, gardens and their owners.All were allegedly taken at the same football game by freelance photographer E. J. Flammer.Examiner contributor Robert Kerwin is a freelance writer in San Francisco.Clive Nichols is a freelance photographer specialising in gardens.Firstly it would demonstrate to prospective freelance writers the type of material required.Jason denies saying it; the freelance journalist who interviewed him insists he did.Brian Beffort is a freelance writer who lives, and skis, at Lake Tahoe.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfreelancefree‧lance1 /ˈfriːlɑːns-læns/ adjectiveJOB working for different companies or organizations rather than being directly employed by oneThe company does not directly employ such specialists as designers, but operates on a freelance basis.afreelance journalistfreelance adverbSheila set up her own business called Editorial Services and now works freelance from home.freelancefreelance2 noun [countable]JOB someone who does freelance workI’m basically a freelance, and most of my work comes through various agencies.freelancefreelance3 verb [intransitive]JOB to work for different companies or organizations rather than being directly employed by oneThey began freelancing for UK magazines and, occasionally, BBC radio.
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