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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfreelyfree‧ly /ˈfriːli/ ●●○ adverb  1 without anyone stopping or limiting something the country’s first freely elected president EU members are allowed to travel freely between member states.talk/speak/write etc freely In France he could write freely, without fear of arrest. We went outside so that we could talk freely without being overheard.2 if something moves freely, it moves smoothly and nothing prevents it from doing this She was breathing freely. If your muscles are tense, blood cannot circulate freely. The injury prevented him from moving freely.3 freely available4 freely admit/acknowledge something5 LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTgenerously and willingly She gave freely to charity.
Examples from the Corpus
freelyThomas could not find anyone with whom he could speak freely.This allows harmonics and noise to pass freely.Foreign tourists will be allowed to leave the country freely.If your muscles are tense and tight, blood cannot circulate freely.Ms. Tate freely acknowledges that she hasn't paid the fines, but argues she should not have to.I freely admit I made many mistakes.This he freely admitted, although, even so, neither he nor Mama would ever reveal what his real name was.The personal consequences of complete isolation in hospital for patients and families who have previously socialised freely are potentially enormous.Mrs. Atwood's note said that she freely chose to end her life.You tell them that this is the card that they have freely chosen.Gamers freely download them from myriad sites.the country's first freely elected presidentSugar is given away freely in restaurants.He enters freely into public debate from his close attention to most subjects, but he is no Orator.She told me so freely on more than one occasion.For most of the year, farmers allow the sheep to roam freely on the hillsides.TV companies need the ability to operate freely, with the minimum of government interference, In England he could write freely, without fear of arrest.travel freelyWe can't hold meetings or travel freely.Ernest Bevin's utopian vision of going to Victoria Station and travelling freely abroad without documents of identity has finally faded.The eyes can travel freely along the series of dots comprising the line.He and his wife Mary lived in London, unable to travel freely and even avoided by some of his fellow scientists.Traffic was travelling freely, east and west, along the North Circular Road yesterday.circulate freelyA buffet meal is much easier and more sociable, enabling you to circulate freely.Avoid very sweaty armpits because sweat quickly decomposes in areas where air does not circulate freely.They like open situations where fresh air can move through and circulate freely.Other cell types - leucocytes and blood platelets - spend much of their time circulating freely and thus showing no adhesive interactions.Boards should be positioned in storage so that air can circulate freely around both main faces.The principle is to support the crop above the ground and to allow the air to circulate freely through it.gave freelyShe was talkative and forthright in her opinions, which she gave freely and often without the qualification for doing so.He gave freely of his services over a wide field of interests.He was a friendly and generous man, who gave freely to the poor.
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