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freely available

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfreely availablefreely availableAVAILABLEvery easy to obtain Information is freely available on the Internet. freely
Examples from the Corpus
freely availableThe office facilities which include a duplicator and photocopier are freely available. 4.Now that facilities will be freely available and not the subject of constant negotiation we hope that even more undergraduates will participate.She says the files she looked at weren't confidential and were freely available for consultation by any senior member of staff.Nine items that a freely available on both sides of the channel.It's freely available on the Internet and used as the core of many ISPs' Windows 3.x bundles.There is no need to have any security inquiry into that document because it uses published, freely available sources.Services such as cooking, laundry and the education of children are freely available to all.Good relations between partners depend on their sharing equally the work and making their findings freely available to each other.Contraceptives are freely available without prescription in pharmacies.
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