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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfreezingfreezing1 /ˈfriːzɪŋ/ ●●● S3 adjective, adverb  1 extremely cold It’s freezing in this house. Can’t I turn on the heating? We were freezing cold in the tent last night.2 below the temperature at which water turns to ice freezing fog
Examples from the Corpus
freezingHow much longer do we have to wait out her? I'm freezing.The little children sat in rows in the freezing classroom.a freezing cold day in JanuaryThe river is freezing cold this time of year.Supporters queued for tickets all night in freezing conditions.Close the window - it's freezing in here.It's absolutely freezing in the basement.My flimsy jacket was inadequate for the freezing Japanese weather.Can't we go inside? It's freezing out here.His friends pulled him from the freezing water.freezing coldAnd of course, it's freezing cold.He said Minneapolis did a wonderful job in 1992, despite the freezing cold.Wheat prices rallied as concerns spread that freezing cold and severe wind in the Plains states could damage the winter crop.How freezing cold it was, remember that we went to Walden Pond?Old Sally lay in bed in a freezing cold room.She was freezing cold, she realized.A delicate plant, the Pinot Noir is difficult to nurture through the freezing cold winters of Champagne.
freezingfreez‧ing2 ●●○ noun [uncountable]   above/below freezing
Examples from the Corpus
freezingA few rain squalls perhaps, but the temperature was well above freezing.
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