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freighterfreight‧er /ˈfreɪtə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  TTa ship or aircraft that carries goods
Examples from the Corpus
freighterHe said Boeing offered a freighter version of its 747-400 airliner for between $ 165 million and $ 170 million.Not by the airport and not on a freighter.An oil tanker, she thought, or perhaps a freighter.There is a wealth of Coventry-produced aircraft and other exhibits, dominated by the giant Armstrong-Whitworth built Argosy freighter of 1959.Whiteley, had sighted a convoy of five freighters escorted by three destroyers to the south-west of Pantelleria.They were mere freighters of doctrine, not questioners, which they unloaded in unquestioned dribs and drabs around their parish.Waves from a passing freighter rocked the boat, Swensson says, throwing him to the deck.Only two dozen made it back on to the freighter.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfreighterfreight‧er /ˈfreɪtə-ər/ noun [countable]TRANSPORT a ship or aircraft that carries FREIGHTSome freighters can carry as many as 5,000 containers.
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