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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrenzyfren‧zy /ˈfrenzi/ ●○○ noun (plural frenzies)  1 EXCITED[countable, uncountable] a state of great anxiety or excitement, in which you cannot control your behaviourfrenzy of a frenzy of religious feelingin a frenzy The women were screaming and in a frenzy to get home. Doreen had worked herself into a frenzy.2 [countable] a time when people do a lot of things very quicklyfrenzy of a frenzy of activity a selling frenzy3 a feeding frenzy
Examples from the Corpus
frenzyHave any other readers found this plant sends their feline friend into a frenzy?Sense reels with the intoxicating frenzy.On Buy Nothing Day enjoy a break from the shopping frenzy.But most of the frenzy was elsewhere.The frenzy of rebuilding is now past.frenzy ofRumors of their divorce stirred up a frenzy of media attention.
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