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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrequentlyfre‧quent‧ly /ˈfriːkwəntli/ ●●● S3 W2 adverb  OFTENvery often or many times He was frequently drunk.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say that something often happens, or that something happens a lot, rather than say it happens frequently:I often see him. OR I see him a lot.
Examples from the Corpus
frequentlyLate lesions of the bones and joints occur, and frequently a progressive deafness develops.The instructions for this clever method are given frequently and are easy to understand.Many of the peers also described how conflicts frequently arose between themselves and the subordinates.This review is to be repeated as frequently as the county council determines.Passengers complain that trains are frequently cancelled.You see her pretty frequently, don't you?Considering the technical complexities required, televised science fiction has frequently earned less than proportionately balanced critical response.You have to be willing to change jobs frequently if you want to get to the top in business.Frequently, she would find herself gazing out of the window lost in thought.Stir the sauce frequently to avoid burning.
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