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fresh air

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfresh airfresh airAIRair from outside, especially clean air Let’s open the windows and have some fresh air in here! breath of fresh air at breath(2) fresh
Examples from the Corpus
fresh airRemove excess hair around the ear canal, as this tend to collect wax and restrict fresh air.Too diluted by the fresh air.Undoubtedly to the disappointment of the leakers, Inman came through the whole affair like a breath of fresh air.I'm just going outside for a breath of fresh air.I leave the window open at night to get some fresh air.Let's go outside and get some fresh air.He bad to sit in his beret and coat, for she needed fresh air.He talked about fresh air and fresh starts.Filmer could go in and out of the Westin without a sniff of fresh air, and probably had.By then I had stepped outside to get some fresh air, away from the stifling smoke and heat of the temple.Feeling in dire need of fresh air, Ellie went outside into the grounds.Open the window and let's get some fresh air in here!Fresh air isn't necessarily better for you, but it will certainly make you feel better.
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