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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfresh-facedˈfresh-faced adjective πŸ”Š πŸ”Š HEALTHYfresh-faced people have a face that looks young and healthy πŸ”Š a fresh-faced youth
Examples from the Corpus
fresh-facedβ€’ Every fresh-faced candidate already has a string of publications, most of which will be unknown to the selectors.β€’ Then he snaps out of it, all dimpled innocence and fresh-faced cheek.β€’ The arrival of a fresh-faced entrepreneurial capitalism intent on whole new empires may not be entirely comfortable for writers.β€’ And so out go the old troupers and in come the fresh-faced kids.β€’ The two fresh-faced medical students sitting on the big table stopped swinging their legs.β€’ Almost a quarter chose fresh-faced model Yasmin Le Bon as the perfect example of the stunning natural look.β€’ Impeccably decked out in designer threads and carrying microscopic mobile phones, they had a fresh-faced, privileged look.β€’ Weir, 49, was a fresh-faced teen when he met up with Garcia.β€’ A fresh-faced young girl burbled out her news.
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