Language: Old English
Origin: freond


friend S1 W1 [countable]

person you like

someone who you know and like very much and enjoy spending time withCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
a friend of mine/yours/Billy's etc best friend (=the friend you like the most) good/close friend (=one of the friends you like the most) old friend (=a friend you have known for a long time) trusted friend lifelong friend (=someone who is your friend for the whole of your life) friend of a friend circle of friends (=all the friends someone has) a mutual friend (=someone who is a friend of both you and someone else) a childhood/boyhood/girlhood friend
Jerry, this is my friend Sue.
Is this man a friend of yours?
Mia was the wife of his best friend.
One of her closest friends died at the weekend.
I didn't expect this treatment from my father's oldest friend.
She told this to only a few trusted friends.
I met Jim through a friend of a friend.
Few people smoke in my circle of friends.
Jill is a mutual friend of ours.

be friends (with somebody)

to be someone's friend:
I've been friends with the Murkets for twenty years.

make friends

to become friendly with people:
Jenny has always found it easy to make friends at school.

make friends with somebody

to become friendly with someone:
He made friends with an old fisherman.

be just (good) friends

used to say that you are not having a romantic relationship with someone:
I'm not going out with Nathan - we're just good friends.


someone who supports an organization such as a theatre, art gallery, charity etc by giving money or help
friend of
the Friends of the Tate

not an enemy

someone who has the same beliefs, wants to achieve the same things etc as you, and will support you:
our friends and allies around the world
She shot him a quick glance as if unsure whether he was friend or foe.
Don't worry, you're among friends.

parliament/court of law

British English

my honourable friend

used by a member of parliament when speaking about another member of parliament

my learned friend

used by a lawyer when speaking about another lawyer in a court of law

be no friend of something

to not like or be a supporter of something:
I'm no friend of socialism, as you know.


RRC a member of the Society of Friends [= quaker]

our/your friend

spoken used humorously to talk about someone you do not know, who is doing something annoying:
Our friend with the loud voice is back.

have friends in high places

to know important people who can help you

a friend in need

someone who helps you when you need it
WORD FOCUS: friend WORD FOCUS: friend
similar words: mate BrE informal, buddy AmE informal, pal informal, chum BrE informal, crony disapproving

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