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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrightfright /fraɪt/ ●●○ noun  1 [singular, uncountable]FRIGHTENED a sudden feeling of fear You gave me such a fright creeping up on me like that!get/have a fright I got an awful fright when I realised how much money I owed.with fright He was shaking with fright.in fright Several of the children cried out in fright.see thesaurus at fear2 take fright3 look a fright stage fright
Examples from the Corpus
frightShe was a fright last night at the Paradise Garage.I knew that I was dead from fright and would be beaten afterward for clumsiness.And did they never die of fright?The Princess was given a serious fright.Men had died because an untrained horse had taken fright at the sound of musketry.Darren was pale with fright.gave ... a frightIt gave me a fright, I don't mind telling you.You gave us such a fright.
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