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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrightfulfright‧ful /ˈfraɪtfəl/ adjective old-fashioned especially British English  1 BADunpleasant or bad syn awful, terrible There’s been a frightful accident.2 VERYused to emphasize how bad something is syn awful, terrible Her hair was a frightful mess.
Examples from the Corpus
frightfulOh, Little Kai, it was frightful, and horrid.Blanche thought she was frightful but listened to her breathless monologues with stoic patience.This is a frightful cautionary tale, well told.They gazed in bovine surprise at the scarlet-faced visitor, and for one frightful moment Breeze felt that she must flee.Later, during a frightful storm, a princess knocked at the castle door, begging for shelter.Everyone was terrified of him on account of his frightful temper.It was so frightful that my daughter Lilya and I stopped travelling by car together.
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