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frillyfrill‧y /ˈfrɪli/ adjective  DCCDECORATEdecorated with lots of frills a frilly skirt
Examples from the Corpus
frillyI've always wanted to be a frilly bloomer!Women in white boots, short shorts and frilly cowgirl outfits kicked up their heels on it.The frilly curtains on the wall?They reacted against factory-produced Victorian furniture with its frilly fretwork, clawed feet and laminated woods.a frilly nightgownClean bright bubbles form a frilly ruff around my neck.Clive wanted to see the manager with a broken nose, blood on his dicky bow and frilly shirt front.But in austere, plain-Jane face it seems unrelated to the next-door cousin that flies high in lacy, frilly stonework.Above us, a massive chandelier in sugar-doll pink cascades down in frilly waves.
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