Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin fimbria 'threads'


1 noun
Related topics: Hair and Beauty
fringe1 [countable]
1 British EnglishDCB if you have a fringe, your hair is cut so that it hangs down over your forehead [= bangs American English]
a tall girl with straight brown hair and a fringe
2 a decorative edge of hanging threads on a curtain, piece of clothing etc

on the fringes (of something)

a) not completely belonging to or accepted by a group of people who share the same job, activities etc:
a small group on the fringes of the art world
b) also on the fringe at the part of something that is farthest from the centre [= on the edge of something]:
Nina remained on the fringe of the crowd.

➔ the lunatic fringe

at lunatic (3)

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