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FrisbeeFris‧bee /ˈfrɪzbi/ noun [countable, uncountable] trademark  DLOa piece of plastic shaped like a plate that you throw to someone else to catch as a game. The game is also called Frisbee.
Examples from the Corpus
FrisbeeThree young men in cutoffs had colonized a triangular space and were flipping a Frisbee.She hurls a bashed pizza box, like a Frisbee, into the dumpster.Perhaps you can also sling a hamburger, skimming it like a Frisbee from pan to plate.Friday: Running/jogging followed by frisbee, badminton and tennis.Carla and Nick were sitting on the grass, languidly tossing Sara's frisbee to and fro.What game are you playing with the Frisbee?
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