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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrissonfris‧son /ˈfriːsɒn $ friːˈsoʊn/ noun [countable usually singular]  EXCITEDa sudden feeling of excitement or fear syn shiverfrisson of A frisson of alarm went through her.
Examples from the Corpus
frissonUp the garden path and a frisson of unease: there is no house, but a vista of a majestic lake.A frisson went around the crowd: this was more like it.She remembered in the dentist's waiting-room her frisson of fear.Naturally, he wanted to impress his colleagues, set up a little frisson, as he'd have put it.We are too impertinent with the past, counting on it in this way for a reliable frisson.Virginia brushed the frisson of pique aside.frisson ofA frisson of alarm went down my back.
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