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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrivolityfri‧vol‧i‧ty /frɪˈvɒləti $ -ˈvɑː-/ noun (plural frivolities)  1 [countable, uncountable]JOKING/NOT SERIOUS behaviour or activities that are not serious or sensible, especially when you should be serious or sensible I don’t think such frivolity helps the organization’s public image.2 [countable] something that is silly and unimportant Try not to be distracted by the frivolities of the world.
Examples from the Corpus
frivolityBeyond this opened a small glass-sided cubicle from which a senior clerk could watch for frivolity among the underlings.They have wondered about the urgency of numerous products of great frivolity.If our foreign services waste their time on such frivolity, why have them?To be a man apart, he must not be distracted by the frivolities of the world and he must be educated.Wickham thought it extraordinary how the frivolity of the journalists was spreading.John somewhat disapproves of the frivolity.Your frivolity is out of place on such a solemn occasion.
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