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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrizzyfrizz‧y /ˈfrɪzi/ adjective  DCfrizzy hair is very tightly curled
Examples from the Corpus
frizzyQ I have long, naturally curly hair which always seems to be dry and often goes frizzy.Her mass of frizzy black hair was a woman's as well.They're best for naturally dry, curly and frizzy hair but can be used on chemically damaged hair too.Serums are another good styling aid, helping to make frizzy hair smooth and more manageable.One was a junior doctor at a London hospital with pale skin and frizzy hair.Mrs Marriot was an old woman with frizzy red hair and no teeth.This was not chubby Eileen with the blue-veined legs, or black-skinned Blossom with the frizzy wire-wool hair.
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