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from day to day

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrom day to dayfrom day to day (also from one day to the next)CHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENT if a situation changes from day to day or from one day to the next, it changes often I never know from day to day what I’m going to be doing. His moods swung wildly from one day to the next. day-to-day, → live from day to day at live1(5) day
Examples from the Corpus
from day to dayThey took turns retelling the stories to each other, and from day to day Alvin never forgot whose turn it was.The children became wild, and the atmosphere from day to day grew more disturbing to the rest of the school.And there is considerable sameness in what we do from day to day.The practical problems for an artist working in the streets, markets or in the homes various enormously from day to day.Since interest rates fluctuate from day to day, the prices of seasoned bonds also fluctuate.The amount of force needed to lock them will vary considerably from aircraft to aircraft and even perhaps from day to day.Like telephone charges, they can be varied from day to day and between evenings and rush hours.The frequency and extent of the roll varies from day to day and from one set of conditions to another.Property values can vary from day to day.
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