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(from) door to door

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(from) door to door(from) door to doora) TRAVEL especially British English from one place to another How long is the journey, door to door? b) BBTgoing to each house in a street or area to sell something, collect money, or ask for votes Joe sold vacuum cleaners door to door for years. door-to-door door
Examples from the Corpus
(from) door to doorIf you drive, it should take you 20 minutes door to door.They went from door to door, questioning everyone, systematically searching for trapdoors.We went door to door asking people to sponsor us in the race.A religious group called the Legion of Mary went from door to door to collect these portions.C., but the two cars make contact, door to door.Every door to door salesman knows that.One simple but often effective form of promotion is that of the door to door distribution of leaflets.She did quite a wholesale trade with pedlars who used to retail the goods door to door in the surrounding villages.So, he also sold vacuum cleaners door to door.The journey door to door is a mile and a quarter. 3 minutes by car.
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